TorTools - SWTOR Combat log parser

This parser will analyse your combat log and give you an easy to read table and graph detailing what happened in your fight.

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  • Display estimated overhealing
  • Any page URL can be shared with friends to let them view a specific fight
  • Create raid groups and merge logs from multiple raid members
  • View events for the whole log, or for a specific encounter
  • Show damage done (and DPS) or taken per player or per ability
  • Show ability results (damage, crit, miss, etc.)
  • Show healing done or taken per player or per ability
  • List all deaths, including damage taken right before

Logs are located by default in My Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs.

Change log:

  • 2013-04-21
    • Added a new tool at the top: Stat calculator. This tool allows you to predict what stats are currently the most beneficial to your character.
  • 2012-12-28
    • Added french localization due to popular demand. Other languages could be added, if requested. I'm looking at you, german and spanish guys.
  • 2012-08-18
    • Fixed various issues related to character and ability names with apostrophes
    • Fixed an issue that would display "Back to all NPCs" even when a player was selected
  • 2012-07-17
    • Overhealing is now displayed as a percentage of total healing. This is estimated based on threat made versus healing made, so take it as a wild guess at best
    • Added admin tools to files. If you log in with the admin password of your group, you can click "File Admin" at the top of a file. Options include:
      • Delete all encounters after or before a specific one (useful when events occured before/after your raid, for example)
      • Rebuild the encounter list. Useful when several people uploaded at once and the list appears messed up
  • 2012-04-28
    • Moved to a new host for better performance and lower downtime
  • 2012-04-24
    • Fixed an issue causing degrading performance, and making uploading new files nearly impossible
  • 2012-04-23
    • Fixed an issue that would ignore some events, resulting in a much lower DPS
    • Significant improvements to speed, including very large files
    • Any URL can be shared with friends (meaning any uploaded file is visible by anyone with the URL)
    • Group names for login are no longer case-sensitive. Passwords are.
  • 2012-04-18
    • Users may now create raid groups and merge their files together
    • Added TorHead tooltips to abilities. Only works with english logs
    • Several improvements to memory handling and speed
    • Healing per second is now properly displayed as 'HPS'
    • Added a 'Leave feedback' link at the bottom
    • Fixed an issue showing the wrong main enemy for an encounter
    • Encounter, player and display selection are now kept when one of them is changed
  • 2012-04-14
    • Several changes to memory handling, allowing for larger files to be processed.
    • Fixed a time issue for fights beginning before midnight and ending after.
    • Improved error handling.
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent raid encounters from being split